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RCV Accessories

Below you should find information on a number of ancillary products which can be used with our engine range. 
So if you are looking for more info on what prop to buy, or which glow plug to use, then look no further.


RCV engines run on glow fuel and we recommend the following fuel specifications.  Tto extend the life of your engine (& bearings) always choose a high quality fuel.

  • Nitro - 10%  (5 - 15% can be used, however 5% may not produce the optimum performance, whilst 15% may cause increased engine wear.  If you do need a lower idle &/or fly at a higher altitude then 15% is preferable. )

  • Synthetic Oil - approx 10% of overall fuel content  (our CD engines can be run on purely synthetic oil, if so you will need around 15% oil content)

  • Castor Oil - approx 5% of overall fuel content (we recommend the use of up to 6% castor to aid cooling - using more than this can result in rough running)

Recommended fuels include:
      Model Technics Duraglo 10% ; Wildcat Premium 10% ; Morgan Omega 10% ; Byron Premium Sports 10%

Mounting Accessories
CD Series

RCV CD series engines use a standard type mounting bracket.  Being slightly wider than conventional engines, the use of an adjustable mount is recommended.    RCV can supply a World Models adjustable mount for £5.60 (US$8.95)

SP Series

The RCV SP Engine mounting plate is intended to ensure the RCV can be firmly and conveniently bolted to the firewall of any model aeroplane.  It is mounted on the opposite side of the firewall to the engine.   The firewall is thus effectively sandwiched between the engine & the backplate.   This ensures that the engine cannot run loose.

A mounting plate is now included free of charge with all new RCV engines.  Extra plates can also be purchased for  £4.99 (US$ 7.95).  

The firewall should first be measured up and drilled to accept the four M4 engine mounting bolts in the normal manner.  The backplate should then be lined up with the four mounting holes on the inboard side of the firewall and attached using two small self tapping screws through the two 3 mm holes.  These will hold the backplate in place when the engine is not attached.

Glow Plug

Glow plug selection is critical on the RCV engine range.  We recommend using an OS 'F' (four-stroke) plug only.  We have tried a number of other 4-stroke glow plugs and they tend to reduce the rpms by up to 500.


Purchasing Spares
To keep down the cost of spares, spares are generally supplied directly by RCV Engines in the UK.  Alternatively they can be ordered by your local hobby shop.
See purchasing information below:

Purchase on-line via our RCV webshop. 
UK & EU orders are charged in £sterling and VAT is included

Use worldwide for all other countries.  Orders are charged in US$
Alternatively you can order by fax, phone or mailorder.  Click on the link adjacent for further details and an order form.