Customer Testimonials - About the RCV Service
'RCV Customer Support is approaching legendary status on Internet Forums.  NOTHING matters more to a customer and I will confirm that with my next engine purchase'    J. Devlin, USA
'I would like to use this opportunity to thank you, for the excellent service that I have received from you and your team'    R. Stein, Germany
'FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Wow Thank-you very much.  You have just gained a customer for life'   D. Miller, USA
'Thank-you, you guys have been great to deal with'   R. Boyer, USA
'Your US service centre runs a class act.  He is always there to answer the phone, or he called you back quickly.  I am glad to have purchased tow of your engines...RCV has an awesome customer service department'   C. La Selva, USA
'You folks are great to work with..... I am already planning a few more RCV purchases for other planes.'  G. Charbonneau, USA
'My 3 engines arrived safely today! I have never had such good service! With some American companies I have to wait months for delivery ; this was 3 days from the UK.'  Dr. Reesey, USA
'Your responses are rapid and to the point.  Over the past few years I have never been disappointed in your timing or the message itself, keep up the great work'  B. Arnold, USA
'Thank you for such a pleasing and informative reply, most people are too busy or don't care to take the time.  You brightened up this Monday!' Paul, USA
'Thank you so much for your fast response.  It's great doing business with a company that gives this type of service after the sale'  Charles, USA
'Thanks for your help, you guys definitely have the best customer service I have ever experienced'  Javier, El Salvador
'I am very impressed with both your products and high level of service. Keep up the great work'  R. Sieffert, USA
'I'm satisfied of the engine and also of your customer service, I still remember how fast I got the engine and how easy it was to order and register the engine online'  J. Roy, Canada
'Thank you very much for your quick responses to my questions.  It is a pleasure to deal with a company that puts a high priority on service and support of its product.'  B.Hodges, Canada
'I must congratulate you on your excellent service and fine product - British design as well'  R. Hunt, UK
'Thanks for taking care of this so quickly, I am truly impressed with everything about rcv engines and the company'   F. Phillips, USA
Thank you !  You have been more than helpful'  B.Tuthill, USA
'Once again I must say RCV has provided me with the best customer service I have received in a very long time'  J. Fursman, USA
Thank you very much for your fine service and for your fine model engines - I enjoy & use them almost every day'  T. George, USA
Customer Testimonials - About RCV Engines


'Just got done running in my RCV.58.  What a nice engine. Starts super easy, runs great.  Thank you for a great product.  I have been in this hobby for 60 years'   B Mitch, USA
'I had about 8 or 9 flights today without so much as a hiccup.  Everybody at the club was extremely impressed.  Congratulations on a damn fine product'   T. Campbell, UK
'I have a 58CD and 60SP flying.  Out of the eight 4-cycle engines I currently have (2 Saito and 4 Magnum) the RCV's are my clear favourites' B. Crister, USA
'2005 was an excellent year for me with plenty of fun flying my RCV58CD powered Flair SE5 ' P. Rowlings, UK
I took (and passed) my "A" flying cert yesterday. i took 3 models with me, 2 of which did not like the cold and decided not to play.  It came down to my scale Cessna with one of your engines to save the day.  The engine started immediately as normal, it throttles superbly and idles without a fuss, and it sounds wonderful! Thank-you for producing a lovely engine and for saving the day'  M. Bray, UK
'It sounds great and has ample power.  The compact engine is fully contained within the cowl.  I am so happy with my RCV58-CD, I've bought another (which I'm keeping for the right model!) and am busy rebuilding a World Models Corsair that will be powered by an RCV60SP.  These engines do exactly what they say on the tin! Thanks'  R. Norman, UK
Starts and runs reliably, does the job beautifully'  W. Wilson, USA
The best fuel economy that I have ever seen from a glow engine'  S. Molmer, USA
Flying Time - 63.5 hrs
Very powerful for it's size, smooth and quiet. The longer I use it, the better it performs. 
M.Clawson, USA
'Motor is running great, it hasn't quit one time'  M. Rorie, USA
'It purrs like a kitten.  Idles well and transitions without hesitation.  We then proceeded to do touch and goes.  We did full stall landings, hold the nose off landings, one wheel other words we had a ball and the engine performed flawlessly.  With more than 4-gallon through the engine, It's still running like a champ'  B. Gizzie, USA
'Starts GREAT!, excellent power, the longer it runs the better it seems to get'  S.Kubasta, USA
'the engine is excellent.  It runs whisper quiet and turns a 12x6 prop with is effortless'
'The reliability has been flawless which is key in the training phase'
58CD being used in a club trainer  M. Smith, USA


'I've been flying R/C for 40 years!  Your RCV91-CD is by far the best engine I and any of our club members have ever experienced!    P. Bidwell, USA
'The best engine I ever bought.  This is my second engine.  I will be buying more in the future, keep up the good work  R. Boutwell, USA
'The engine is very user friendly. GREAT running engine...IT starts on the first flip every time, including the first time.  It runs smoothly and throttles nicely too.  Quiet too.  I love it'  G. Charbonneau, USA
'my friend has just put two RCV91CD's in a KMP B25, and he says its the best engine he's ever had.  He has been a modeler for over 30 years now so that says a lot'  M. Town, USA
'my Peashooter will fly 45 mins on 16 oz of fuel.  Fuel savings will pay for the engine!'  P. Bidwell, USA
'this superb engine is totally unfussy, uncritical and always starts first time.  It's proved to be very tractable and well behaved, and I love it to bits'  Alex Whittaker, Independent Review for RCM&E
'I  now have 5 gallons of fuel through my 91CD. 
I thought the engine was smooth during break-in.  All throttle settings now produce an equally smooth engine throughout the entire throttle range.I
thought the fuel economy was good during break-in. The low fuel consumption on this engine is amazing, it will run almost twice the time on the same size tank as my other two four stroke engines.  I was impresssed when I first ran the engine, but even more so now.  My hat is off to RCV.  This is truly an exceptional product'   Old Coot (RCU contributor), USA
'Very, very smooth and responsive even on its initial run...The Rolls Royce of model 4 strokes, and I've had a few (4-strokes) excellent, excellent, excellent'  J. Larter UK
'your 91CD solved a problem no other 4-stroke could solve. I built my Jenny 13 yrs ago & had 100+ flights (at sea level) with a 70 4-stroke.  After moving to Colorado (with 7000' elevation), the Jenny wouldn't get off the ground.  The RCV91CD was the only 90 4-stroke engine that would fit in without cutting a hole in the scale cowling.  I flew the Jenny last week, it flew with more than enough power.  Thanks for a good product and a good service'  J. Maguire, USA
'the hurricane performs beautifully, the main reason for choosing the 91CD was its size'  I. Redshaw, UK
'It has much less vibration and better fuel economy than the FS91 I had in the airplane previously'   D. Pope, USA


'I must have around 450 flights with my RCV60SP engine!! It is unbelievable how the longer it runs, the better it becomes'  T. Callant, Belgium
'I have two of them in a Dual Ace and they have never stopped on me.  They took a lot to run in but they are now the most reliable engines at our club.  A brilliant product.  Sounds great, looks great and goes great' C. Perkins, Australia
'I have a 58CD and 60SP flying.  Out of the eight 4-cycle engines I currently have (2 Saito and 4 Magnum) the RCV's are my clear favourites' B. Crister, USA
'this engine is a pure joy to hear running' G. Thornton, UK
'I would recommend this engine to any fellow modeller'   G. Knight, USA
'Absolutely brilliant'   J. Biggin, UK
'every club member who has flown this plane is impressed with the power & smoothness of response to throttle'    L. Laird, USA


'in my opinion your company continues to produce the best model engine out there'  R. Shaffer, USA
'a quick note to say how happy I am with the RCV90SP.  I have been running it for about 2 hours now  It starts very easily, idles smoothly and revs out to full throttle without faltering, what more can you ask for!!!'  B.Rodwell, UK
'the performance of this engine is excellent...& I've never need to exceed half throttle while flying'
'The motor starts with a flip,
& runs all day'
   J. Edstrom, USA


'6 months ago, I purchased a RCV120-SP and have since sung your gospel.  I get jokes about it really being a turbine because no pston glow engine should make the power and have the reliability your engine does'  J. Simmons, USA
'A few minutes ago, I received the engine and its the finest Model Engine I have ever held in my hands!'  D. Maier, Germany
'I get nothing but compliments on the sound & performance of my RCV & the hellcat as a whole'  M. Chorley, USA
'I am really satisfied with your engine, it has low fuel consumption and is reliable'   J. Rydinger, Sweden
'I am very happy to have this engine, it is fabulous'   O. Bunel, France
'We start a new project for the 2007 championship....the choice of engine is easy - RCV is the best choice'  L. Otavio & A. Elmar, Brazil Winners of Team Scale 2005 Scalemasters (Brazil) with RCV120SP powered B25