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RCV 4 -Stroke Model Aero Engines

The RCV - rotary cylinder valve four stroke engine represents a major advance in model engine design.
Although its moving components  (piston, crank, cylinder and rotary valve) are totally conventional,
they are arranged in a radically novel configuration to provide the aero modeller with several key benefits,
whilst having similar handling characteristics to other 4-stroke model engines:-

RCV130-CD - 1.3 cu in / 21 cc

Now Available


Following the considerable success of both the RCV58-CD and RCV91-CD, we at RCV are pleased to announce the latest addition to our RC model engine range - the RCV130-CD.


The engine still uses RCV's unique rotary valve system - which has only one extra moving component to a 2-stroke and so is easy to maintain.  This ultra-compact engine is even shorter than conventional .90 4-stroke engines, so once again cowling will be much easier than other 4-strokes.
So if you are looking for a reliable, easy to use 4-stroke engine,  that is easy to cowl and sounds like the 'real thing' then the RCV130-CD engine is a perfect option to power your 90 - 120 size model.


RCV130-CD Specification
Specification Imperial Metric
Manufacture Die Cast
Engine Type 4-stroke - Glow ignition
Displacement 1.3 cu inch 21.3 cc
Max Power (approx.) 2 bhp 1.5 kw
Weight (exc. silencer)  35 oz  995 g
Length 5.35 inch 136 mm
Height - centre line axis 3.7 inch 95 mm
Propeller shaft diameter 5/16" UNF
Practical RPM range @ prop

2,400 - 10,000 rpm

Example prop size (2-blade) 15x8
Recommended Fuel 10% Nitro / 15% Oil




Purchasing an RCV130-CD Engine