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4-Stroke Model Aero Engines

The RCV - rotary cylinder valve four stroke engine represents a major advance in model engine design.
Although its moving components  (piston, crank, cylinder and rotary valve) are totally conventional,
they are arranged in a radically novel configuration to provide the aero modeller with several key benefits,
whilst having similar handling characteristics to other 4-stroke model engines:-

RCV60-SP - 0.60 cu in / 10 cc

SP Series Features

bullet Streamline shape, perfect for cowling
bullet 2:1 Reduction Gearing
bullet Uses Scale Props - 2, 3 & 4-blade
bullet Low Maintenance
bullet Behind the prop starting facility
bullet 2-Year Guarantee


The RCV60-SP was designed with the scale modeller in mind.  This quality CNC machined engine has a similar power output to conventional poppet valve 4-stroke engines and can be used in scale or general sport models that would normally use a 4-stroke .60 or a 2-stroke .40.   Check out our for examples of what the RCV60SP is capable of flying.

However the RCV SP series offers much more.  The compact streamlined shape means that cowled installations are that much simpler to arrange, perfect for warbirds, and the 2:1 output gearing allows for larger scale like propellers

The engine still uses RCV's unique rotary valve system - which has only one extra moving component to a 2-stroke and so is easy to maintain.   One more benefit to RCV SP engines is the behind the prop starting facility (now included with engine), which allows the modeller to stay behind the prop at all times
So if you are looking for a reliable, streamline 4-stroke engine, that is capable of pulling scale size 2, 3 and 4-bladed propellers, our RCV60-SP engine is a perfect option.


RCV60-SP Specification
Specification Imperial Metric
Manufacture CNC Machined from Solid
Engine Type 4-stroke - Glow ignition
Displacement 0.6 cu inch 10 cc
Max Power (approx.) 0.9 bhp 0.67 kw
Weight (exc. silencer) 20.7 oz 570 g
Length 4.11 inch 104.4 mm
Cowling Radius   R36
Propeller shaft diameter 5/16" UNF
Practical RPM range @ prop

1,400 - 6000 rpm

Example Prop Sizes         2 Blade 14x14, 15x12, 16x12

3 Blade


4 Blade

13x13, 14.5x11
Recommended Fuel 10% Nitro / 15% Oil including max 6% Castor

Further details can be found on the instruction manual below:

If you have a specific question, please   for more information
Purchasing an RCV60-SP Engine