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Vertical Rotating Valve

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Technical Description

  • The Vertical Valve RCV (VRCV) is the high performance/higher cost version of the RCV engine.
  • The VRCV engine employs a separate rotary valve and a fixed cylinder. This improves the thermal characteristics of the engine and reduces cost.
  • In the VRCV the valve is coaxial with the cylinder. This gives the most efficient breathing for the engine allowing maximum performance.
  • The VRCV geometry also enables the most compact and therefore efficient combustion chamber shape to be employed. This optimises heavy fuel operation.
  • Because the valve is in line with the cylinder this means it is rotating at 90 degrees to the crank. A more complex valve drive is therefore required between the crank and valve. This drive generally involves a bevel gear to transfer the drive through 90 degrees.
  • Typical power densities for the VRCV between 80-100bhp litre.
  • The primary application areas for the VRCV are high performance UAV engines where performance and efficiency are paramount, and cost is less critical.


  • Excellent multi-fuel operation
  • High performance.